14 October 2014

Pink Floyd cover art!
Pink Floyd - great music, my favourite! Their albums covers are superb too. Creating a cover for anything (a book, an album) is and extremely difficult task, first you have to understand the entire feeling that the work is supposed to represent, then you have to summarize it in a single ...

26 September 2014
25 September 2014

Hello world!
I am getting back to blogging after a long time. My last blog was wordpress based, which was too bloated for my taste. So, this time I am going with a static generated blog. There are a billion static site generators out there. I am going with Pelican, as it ...

20 September 2010

Installing Wireshark 1.4.0 on Mac OSX 10.6.4
I wanted to install Wireshark to monitor some iPhone app packets. It is surprisingly difficult to install Wireshark (v1.4.0) on Mac OSX (v10.6.4). Here’s how to go about it - Read the README that comes with the installation .dmg copy the command line files to /usr ...